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Performance Institute Program

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Performance Institute Program
Part of the "Teaching and Coaching Mental Excellence" program series

Cleveland State University now offers convenient
Distance LearningTeacher Professional Development!

Each 2-week, online course provides 10 Contact Hours
(1.0 Continuing Education Units/CEUs)

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Courses are available Spring 2021 and Summer 2021. Contact us for more information at conted@csuoh
​​​​​​​Cleveland State University is an accredited university approved to offer CE education in the state of Ohio. 

Course 1: Brain Basics
Two weeks online/10 Contact Hours/1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU's)
Cost $199
Gain the winning edge by using the best teaching and coaching science available today! This workshop helps you start your journey of unlocking the vast potential your students and athletes already have in them to think and perform most efficiently. The practical application and scientific approach provided in this course will allow all teachers and coaches to develop the mental fitness your students and athletes require to be the best. ​​​​​​​

Course 2: The Dark Side of Thinking 
​​​​​​​Two weeks online/10 Contact Hours/1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU's)Cost $199
Overcoming stress and self-defeating thinking patterns is a necessary skill for all successful people.  As an educator or coach, you know that most students and athletes do not handle stress well, yet facing and overcoming stress is essential for peak performance. This workshop explores the most effective ways for you to help your students and athletes overcome the “dark side of thinking” and gain top performance. 

Course 3: Focus Factors  
Two weeks online/10 Contact Hours/1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU's)
Cost $199
Harnessing the enormous power of the brain can be summed up in one word…focusThis workshop helps students and athletes develop focus factors that will teach them how training ”smart” can be far more effective than training ”hard”. 

Course 4: Mind Building  
Two weeks online/10 Contact Hours/1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU's)
Cost $199
Maximizing performance means learning how to challenge your mind effectively to improve your grade point average or your athletic involvement. Learning how to “turn up” the mental intensity is not a matter of emotions, but of mental fitness. This workshop will show teachers and coaches how to inspire their students and athletes to take advantage of brain strategies that let them “finish the job” toward their best efforts and results. 

Course 5: Realizing Excellence (Game On) 
Two weeks online/10 Contact Hours/1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU's)
Cost $199
Build success by developing a “mental game plan” to train the brains of your students. Organizing a mental game plan will help your students and athletes take charge of their thinking process… leading to their most successful performance! This workshop will help you organize and adapt the same mental approaches in your own practice that are used by the best mental and athletic performers. 

Course 6: The Coaches’ Mindset 
Two weeks online/10 Contact Hours/1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU's)
Cost: $199
Coaches and teachers must also develop their own mental muscles to be their best! High-quality teaching is the foundation of great coaching and the lessons of winning coaches are goals for all teachers. Simply put- “coaches teach and teachers coach”. This course will challenge teachers and coaches “to think” in better ways and improve their programs as a result. ​​​​​​​

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