Department of Teacher Education

The Parma Elementary STEM Initiative

Principal Investigator: Dr. Debbie Jackson

Co-Principal Investigators: Gary Maurerk

Award Amount: $18,500

Sponsor: Martha Holden Jennings Foundation


The Parma City School District STEM Elementary School is a voluntary attendance program designed to draw K-4 students who have a particular interest and desire to experience education in an integrated, project-based setting. As a school of choice, they seek support from parents as partners in our mission to create a dynamic, learning community. Students receive instruction in all major subject areas (writing, reading, mathematics, science, and social studies) as well as technology, engineering, and the fine arts. Students are provided with an environment where they experience mathematics and science as an integral part of everyday life. Students use the design process in all content areas to problem-solve, create, collaborate, and communicate, while demonstrating learning through a variety of ways and sharing their work with authentic audiences.