Office of Field Services (OFS)

Student and Supervisor Updates

This page will be updated as the College and University provide information:

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Here are the decisions that have been made to date (March 20, 2020 at 3:20PM)

Please note these could be changed at any time but it is what we know right now. We are trying to keep the most up to date information on our OFS website under Coronavirus Updates.

All interns (IT, AT, PR & ST) are to follow the protocol of their assigned school.

  • If the school is on spring break so are they.
  • If teachers are doing online work for their students, our interns should be helping with that as much as they can.
  • Students who are assisting online should continue to record their online teaching time and prep on their attendance sheet for their personal records.

We do not know what will happen if schools resume face to face.

  • It depends on how much time is left in our semester
  • Each licensure area could end up with a different mandate depending on their program area requirements.
  • At this time, we know our Interns meet the revised “In the field” time requirement set up by ODE. The rest will be determined by what will be best for our students and partner schools at the time.

edTPA Submission

  • Please help your Interns decide if they have enough information to complete their edtpa.
  • If they can complete it that is the preferred option
  • Required cut scores will be substantially reduced so that nearly all who complete and submit will achieve the passing score.  
  • Remediation activities, if needed, will also be significantly reduced.
  • OFS is still holding virtual help sessions. The times are listed on the OFS webpage.
  • Submission date is still on April 7th they should contact Aimee Furio for the submission code.
  • If you and your intern are unsure which one, they should do, have them contact Sharyn Turner.

Alternative Assessment. 

  • If students do not have enough information to complete edTPA, they will complete the Alternative Assessment
  • Supervisors will score the alternative assignments
  • The students will be enrolled in the DRF for the alternative as soon as we know that is their choice.
  • The alternative assessment will be completed on Taskstream
  • There will be a zoom training in the near future on how to score the assessment

Reporting which assessment will be done

  • Seminar leaders are to report to Aimee Furio which assignment each of their students will be completing.
  • If a student is not in a seminar, the supervisor should report the choice to Aimee.

CPAST scores

  • Any interns who did not meet the cut score at midterm need to be reported to Gail Nelson
  • Once we have all the information for any interns not passing, we will determine the next steps 

OAE/Praxis testing

Outstanding Student Teacher/Golden Apple Awards

  • Student teachers, IT2 & AT2 can still apply
  • The deadline is April 10th
  • Application: CLICK HERE

General Supervisor/Seminar Leader Role

  • Direct student questions to OFS. OFS will get the answers from the Dean’s office and report back to you and the Intern.
  • Things are changing minute to minute, please read your emails
  • Reassure Interns that CSU is doing everything possible to assure they get what they need to complete the semester.
  • Stay in touch with your interns and their mentors. Offer support and suggestions for on-line teaching if you have them.
  • Stay healthy and keep us informed of any questions you have or support you need. We are all still working from home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please send us your questions

  • Can Intern 1 (IT1/AT1/PR) and Intern 2 (IT2/AT2/ST) students continue to go into the school to help prepare blizzard bags and online activities?   answer: All internship II students should follow the teacher. If the teacher is going into the building to do work, the internship student should go as well.  Internship I students can follow the teacher but it is optional.
  • What if an Intern 2 student has not completed their edTPA video taping?  answer: the Dean’s office is formulating a plan to address the situation. Be on the lookout for an email.
  • Are the edTPA Video Support Sessions cancelled for the week of March 16th?  answer: Yes, face to face only.  Please attend an ONLINE ZOOM Support Session.
  • How does a student access the Taskstream Help Sessions for Checkpoint 1 & 2 questions?  answer: Join Zoom Meeting: March 16, 19 or 25 at 4pm.  Link: Meeting ID: 610 523 3826, contact Dr. Brian Yusko with questions.
  • If a student selects the alternate edTPA assignment, how do they access it?  answer: Students should contact their Supervisor.  The Supervisor will send a self-enrollment code for the student to add the new Taskstream Template (Alt edTPA Checkpoint 3).  The assignment will be due on April 7, 2020 which is the edTPA Deadline.  Assignment instructions can be found HERE.  Contact Dr. Brian Yusko with questions.