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Supervisor Calendar

TuesdaysBlackboard/GoReact Support Session2:30-3:30pm

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10/8/20Supervisor Community Meeting


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Week 7/8Mid Semester CPAST & SPA  TRIAD Meeting / Enter CPAST & SPA scores into Taskstream
11/12/20Supervisor Community Meeting


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Supervisor Semester Wrap Up:

8:00am - MUST
10:00am - Music
1:00pm - Speech
2:00pm - PE

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Meeting ID: 849 8585 0241


Supervisor Semester Wrap Up:

10:00am - 11:00am: AYA 

11:30am- 12:30am: Early Childhood

2:00pm - 3:00pm: Middle Childhood

4:00pm-5:00pm: Special Education

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Week 15 

Final Semester CPAST & SPA due 12/10/2020

(Last day in the field for students: 12/4/2020)

 TRIAD Meeting / Enter CPAST & SPA scores into Taskstream
Week 16 (Final's wk)Interns can use this week to make up hours  

Supervisor Toolbox

As a supervisor, there are tools to help your students succeed.  Many of those are found in the forms section of this website. 

APP for Scanning DocumentsFor both iPhone and Android: CamScanner APP is a great tool to scan documents.
Blackboard/GoReact Help

Contact: Sharyn Turner

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Orientation Recordings for Fall 2020 Interns

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As a representative of Cleveland State University and the Office of Field Services, our supervisors are a very important part of our team.  Each supervisor is responsible for overseeing a group of interns in the field.

Frequently asked questions

Fall 2020 Submitting Observations and Lesson Plans: Both the observation form and lesson plan template can be found on the OFS Website under forms and on Taskstream.  Please review all instructions on Taskstream.  

  • Mentors complete an observation form for each observation. Student or mentor should email both the Mentor's completed observation form and corresponding lesson plan to the Supervisor.  Supervisor will upload both documents into the MENTOR SECTION in Taskstream.  The student does not upload the mentor observation recording to GoReact or Taskstream.  
  • For Supervisor Observations, Students will submit lesson plans and videos in Blackboard.  Supervisor will provide feedback within GoReact and do not need to complete an observation form.
  • Supervisors: Complete 4 observations 
  • Mentors: Complete 2 observations

Recording Observations: Students can record lessons using their laptop, desktop, a personal device, or a video recording device.  To request a CET recording device, please contact Claire Grantier,  Recordings are permissible for internal use ONLY. 

Waiver Policy for Video: The Intern should first check with the District to see if the District's waiver covers video and photography.  If it does, the Intern should obtain a copy of the waiver document and an email from the Mentor indicating which students are approved and not approved for video/photography.  If the District does not have a waiver, the OFS Recording Waiver for CSU Field Experiences can be found on OFS’s website under Forms.  The Intern should distribute the form to each parent/guardian.  This form allows the Intern to record in the classroom for internal academic use only.  Each student appearing in the videos needs to have a signed consent form on file.  **If permission to video record students in the learning platform is denied, Interns can record using an external device capturing themselves and student audio only.** For help, please join ZOOM Office Hours on Tuesdays.

CPAST “Look Fors”: Contact Aimee Furio for a copy of the CPAST "Look Fors”. PLEASE NOTE: Look Fors are for Mentors and Supervisors ONLY.  Students cannot have access to this document. 

CPAST TRAINING:  All Supervisors must complete the appropriate CPAST training. Contact Aimee Furio for links.

TRIAD Meeting Process: This process will be covered at the next Supervisor Community meeting on October 8, 2020.  If you have any questions before Oct. 8th, please join our ZOOM office hours on Tuesdays. 

ZOOM Office Hours: EVERY Tuesday from 2pm-5pm. The ZOOM Link can be found on the website or click here:

OFS Website: Please check the appropriate TOOLBOX for resources.  Look for the following links on the website menu bar (left side): Supervisor, Mentor and Student Resources 

Special Ed students access to IEPs: Refer to Dr. Schaefer’s email sent on 9/3/2020 subject: Common Intern Questions around IEPs.  If you have any additional questions, please email Dr. Schaefer:

Setting up CSU Email: To set up your email, please contact the CSU Help Desk (IS&T) at or 216-687-5050 (option 7). 

Blackboard Help: or contact Sharyn Turner for help.

Lesson Plans: Please use the lesson plan found on our website which is aligned with edTPA.  This can be modified if needed to support student needs but this plan was developed to meet edTPA.

Video Recording for edTPA: We recommend that students use CSU video recorders only.  For camera rentals, please contact the Center for Educational Technologies (CET) Office located in Julka Hall (Room 133). Compressing and/or trimming videos done on other devices is very difficult.  For more information -

Taskstream Clean-up: Tips for viewing your current students only can be found on the OFS website.

ECE Seminar Question: It was brought to our attention that some of the ECE students have to leave the field early to get to seminar on time.  Students can count their travel to seminar as part of their field time so that it does not count against them.  In the future, we will look into scheduling seminars for ECE later in the afternoon. 

Middle Childhood edTPA: Students pick one content area for edTPA

Student Teachers Only - Observations vs. Walkthroughs:  The requirement is 6 observations by the supervisors and two by the mentors. The walk-throughs were developed for students who are indeed “rockstars” and really do not need such a formal and long observation as they finish up their field time. Walk-throughs can take the place of one to two observations. If a student still needs feedback to improve their teaching skills, all 6 observations should be full observations. See the Student Handbook for more information.

Outstanding Student Teacher Application: Application is on the OFS website.  Deadline is November 20, 2020.

Scanning from your Phone: There is an APP called Cam Scanner (CS) which is available for both Apple and Android.  You can scan a document from your phone.  Students tend to take snapshots of documents which can make it difficult to read.  Scanning from your phone provide a clear, readable document that can be downloaded into Taskstream.  Please share with students. 

Finding the edTPA Handbook: Instructions can be found on the OFS website.

Finding CPAST/SPA Rubrics - 7/15 week: After your mid-semester conference with the intern and the mentor, please complete the CPAST & SPA rubric to assess the students progress at the half way point.

OFS Calendar - the OFS Calendar can be found on the website.

Specific questions about edTPA: Please reach out to Sharyn Turner 216-687-4719

Technical questions about Taskstream: Please reach out to Heather Gallacher