Office of Field Services (OFS)

Forms / Handbook

Fall 2020 Forms 

Below are the most up-to-date forms used by our supervisors, mentors, and students. 

Attendance Forms: These forms are used by student interns to keep track of their attendance in the field. Mentor teachers should sign them on a weekly basis. 

Boundaries: This information is to be reviewed by the student every semester. ​​​​​​​

Dispositions: PDF icon Professional disposition checklist.pdf

Intercession Forms: These form are used by the supervisor to document a concern meeting with an intern that is not meeting minimum standards or may show evidence of dispositional issues.  

​​​​​​​Incident Report Form: PDF icon OFS Incident Report Spring 2020.pdf

Handbook: The handbook is your guide to the semester.  There are sections for students, supervisors, and mentors.  PDF icon OFS 20-21 HANDBOOK.pdf

File Info Session Powerpoint 2019.pptx

Lesson Plans and Lesson Plan Checklists: These forms are used to plan and outline your lesson.  These are to be used for all lessons taught by the intern. 

MENTOR DATA FORM:  This forms ensures that we have the most up to date information from our mentors and provides the necessary information for correct payment/funding. Click here to find the Mentor Forms

MILEAGE FORM & POLICY: This form is used by supervisors to track mileage to and from school locations.  All mileage forms must be submitted with maps (Google Maps/MapQuest/etc.) to support the data.   File Fall 2020 Mileage Template.xlsxPDF icon OFS Mileage Policy Fall 2020.pdf

Non Academic Prerequisite Checklist​​​​​​​ - Students can find the following forms for their program here:  Checklist by Program and Forms


  • ODJFS Form
  • Hepatitis B Shot Form
  • Tuberculin Test Form
  • OAE Requirements

Observation Forms

Outstanding Student Teacher Application: PDF icon Fall 2020 OFS Outstanding Student Teacher Application.pdf

Special Match Request: Email completed form to File 2020-2021 Special Match Request.docx

Semester At A Glance: Guide for observations, lessons, and assignments througout the semester.

 Syllabi: The syllabus outlines the class requirements for each course number.  Please refer to your syllabus for your own class requirements. 

Video Recording Consent Forms: Waiver Policy for Video: The Intern should first check with the District to see if the District's waiver covers video and photography.  If it does, the Intern should obtain a copy of the waiver document and an email from the Mentor indicating which students are approved and not approved for video/photography.  If the District does not have a waiver, click the Video Recording Consent Form link here to access the OFS Recording Waiver for CSU Field Experiences.  The Intern should distribute the form to each parent/guardian.  This form allows the Intern to record in the classroom for internal academic use only.  Each student appearing in the video(s) needs to have a signed consent form on file.  **If permission to video record is denied or questioned by the Mentor Teacher, please contact OFS so that we can reach out to the District.