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IELP Instructors

IELP Instructors


Dr. Michele S. Bowman, Ph.D.

Michele Bowman, the ESL Program Director, has her M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of South Florida and her Ph.D. in Foreign and Second Language Education from The Ohio State University.
She has been teaching English as a second language since 1990 and has been in program administration since 1998. Dr. Bowman also taught at intensive programs in Florida, New York and Ohio.
She taught English as a foreign language to first year college students for a year in Madrid, Spain. In addition to administering the entire ESL program, including workplace ESL, she sometimes teaches IELP and graduate credit courses (writing and speaking). She came to Cleveland State University in January of 2004.

Alevtyna Kolomiyets

Alevtyna Kolomiyets, the ESL Program Coordinator, obtained an M. Ed in TESOL from Cleveland State University in 2000. She also taught English abroad for one year. Alevtyna has been with the IELP program since the fall of 2008 where she has taught Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening/Speaking, and Vocabulary. She became the ESL Program Coordinator in fall 2010.

Ilya Elnatanov

Ilya Elnatanov earned an M.Ed. in TESOL from Cleveland State University. He has been with the IELP program since the summer of 2005. He has taught Reading/Writing, Grammar, and Communication Skills. He also teaches a graduate level listening/speaking course for future teaching assistants

Halina Mazurak

Halina Mazurak has been teaching English since 1994. She earned her B.A. in TESOL in 1997 and an M.A. in American Literature and Culture in 2000 from University of Warsaw, Poland. Prior to her employment in America, she taught English as a Foreign Language in Poland for eleven years. She joined the IELP team in 2011, and since then she has taught a variety of courses at different levels including Grammar, Writing, Reading, and Communication Skills. She is an experienced instructor of General English courses, preparation courses for a variety of Cambridge Exams as well as English for Specific Purposes courses. Additionally, using a variety of methodological approaches and technologies to facilitate students’ learning are integral parts of her teaching approach. In 2010, she was nominated for the OATYC 2009-2010 Adjunct Teacher Award and was one of the finalists.

Kevin Berry

Kevin has a Master of Education (M.Ed) with a TEFL focus coupled with the CELTA certification. Kevin Berry has been an instructor at the Intensive English Language Program since the Spring semester of 2010, where he has led Listening/Speaking , Vocabulary, Reading and Grammar classes at various levels. Additionally, he has three years of EFL experience primarily at YeungJin Community College based in Deagu, South Korea, where he led grammar and speaking courses. Kevin’s pedogical interests include a student-focused classroom environment and incorporating authenticartifacts. He also likes to further engage students by integrating online sources and technology that is commonly used at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Miran Khadra

Miran Khadra earned an M.Ed in TESOL from Cleveland State University in 2008. She has been working in the IELP since the spring of 2010. Since then, Miran has taught Grammar, Writing, Reading, Listening/Speaking, and Vocabulary at various levels. 

Corina Fleaca

Corina Fleaca has a Master's in Education and TESOL Certificate from Cleveland State University. She was a practicum student at Cleveland State University and enjoyed working with ESL students. She started teaching at Cleveland State University in 2013. She has taught grammar, listening/ speaking, reading and vocabulary at various levels. Corina is also a General Education Instructor and has been substituting for the local Cleveland Schools since 2013. Her pedagogical interests focus on technology in the classroom and incorporating fun activities to motivate students who learn in different ways.

Angela Bailey

Angela Bailey earned an MA in English with a concentration in writing from Simmons College in Boston Massachusetts. She also has the CELTA certification and has completed coursework for the DELTA certification.  Additionally, Angela has over a decade’s worth of teaching experience. She taught writing and a Shakespeare tutorial in The People’s Republic of China in the School of Foreign Studies at Nanjing University. Angela has been an instructor with the IELP since the Spring of 2014. At the IELP, Angela has taught multiple levels and multiple subjects. Her approach to teaching is a communicative approach where critical thinking is emphasized. Angela’s approach to teaching writing is one of process. She has a particular interest in grammar and how it impacts student writing.

Brigite Deutsch

Ms. Deutsch started working at the Intensive English Language Program as an ESL instructor in 2011. Her credentials include a Masters of Arts degree in Linguistics from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil) in addition to a Master’s of Education and Languages from Unilasalle – Centro Universitario La Salle (Canoas, Brasil), as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Foreign Languages and Literature. Ms. Deutsch has worked with international students to help them develop their ESL skills in The United States and overseas. She continuously participates in various faculty development workshops and continuing education courses in many areas, including a focus on pedagogy and integrating technology in classroom settings.

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