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What are the admissions requirements? - Counseling Psychology


    What are the admissions requirements?

We are seeking applicants with a desire to gain multicultural competencies in counseling psychology and who approach their education and training with cultural humility. CSU’s program focuses on urban issues and working within an urban context. We seek applicants who can contribute to a vibrant, diverse community of scholars, practitioners, learners, and advocates.

The Doctoral Program in Urban Education:

Counseling Psychology seeks applicants who have a master’s degree in counseling or a closely related field, research experience, experience in an applied setting, a strong academic record, above average GRE scores, good communication skills, and strong letters of recommendation (including letters from graduate faculty). An undergraduate GPA of 2.85, a graduate GPA of 3.5, and combined GRE scores at or above the 50th percentile are preferred. Admissions decisions also are influenced by space limitations, students' evidence of commitment and interest in urban multicultural issues, and a match between student interests and faculty expertise. Approximately 4-6 Counseling Psychology doctoral students are admitted yearly.
The admissions deadline is January 15th.

Application Materials

Graduate application, C.V., personal statement, official copies of all academic transcripts, and official GRE score reports (Scores must be within the past 5 years. Only the general test is required. We do not require the Psychology Subject Area Test. Three letters of recommendation are required (at least one must be from a faculty member from previous graduate work). Applicants may elect to submit one or two extra letters of recommendation if desired

Personal Statement

A 3-page personal statement regarding your professional interests and goals should be included with your application. We are interested in knowing what attracted you to the field of counseling psychology and to doctoral program at Cleveland State University. Describe your experiences in applied settings (e.g., hotline experience, residential treatment staff, field placements) and your research experiences (e.g., assisting with a faculty member’s research, professional presentations, publications, or master’s thesis). Please describe your goals for graduate study, as well as your goals for your professional career. Be specific in describing your interests in research and practice (e.g., specific settings and/or populations). Applicants should especially address the goodness of fit with the specialty of Counseling Psychology (e.g., focus on diversity and social justice, prevention, career development) and the urban focus of CSU’s program.










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