STEMM Education Center University Partners

Cleveland State UniversityOperation STEM Operation STEM targets STEM majors, primarily First Time Full Time Freshman (FTFTF), and provides them with a 2-week Summer Institute to help establish a community of peers. In addition, STEM Peer Teachers (SPTs) provide 150 minutes per week of mandatory SPT instructional learning sessions and Project-Based Learning (PBL) activities in the Precalculus and Calculus classes.  STEM Scholars also receive mentoring and individualized attention in order to help ensure successful completion of their STEM degree.

CSEdOHIO   CSed is designed to train teachers to teach a new standardized AP course in computer science in high schools.  The program focuses on the fundamentals, so teachers and students will gain a firm foundation in computer science.

CSUTEACH   CSUteach is a secondary (grades 7 - 12) mathematics and science teacher licensure program that works in coordination with mathematics and science undergraduate and post-baccalaureate degree programs. Undergraduate students can earn a degree in their content area and licensure, and post-bacs can earn a CSUteach certificate and licensure.    

RE@CSU   The Cleveland State University Rehabilitation Engineering (RE @ CSU) ten-week summer research experience for undergraduates (REU) program is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is centered around integrated learning communities that surround REU students with peers, mentors, medical professionals, and people with disabilities.

STARTSOLE    STARTSOLE was launched in 2015 to help transform education through SOLE (Self-Organized Learning Environments). SOLE focuses on the process of learning itself instead of simply focusing on the content knowledge. It helps prepare students for success in today’s era of technology and information. SOLE provides an early intervention in education that can level the academic playing field and increase equity among all students. With SOLE, kids will be able to develop the skills needed for a modern digital society, and they will have the opportunity to work in environments that favour inclusion and educational innovation.

Neo Stem Ecosystem   The NEOSTEM (Northeast Ohio) Ecosystem is a diverse coalition for science, technology, engineering, math and computational science. The Ecosystem inspires engagement and coordination in STEM+C fields and expands equitable access to high quality education for all. The intent is to create a powerful life-long continuum of STEM+C learning opportunities that promotes a more prosperous and sustainable community.

Ohio STEM Learning Network   OSLN is a network that leverages existing STEM schools and programs to spread effective practices and tools across the state and the nation.

FENN ACADEMY   Fenn Academy is a consortium among Cleveland State University's Washkewicz College of Engineering, local school districts and industry partners that collaborate in educational activities designed to encourage high school students to pursue post-secondary education and careers in engineering.Faculty