STEMM Education Center

The STEMM Education Center will provide a mechanism for connecting the STEMM education efforts across campus in one location, not as a gatekeeper, but as a place to connect and collaborate across the colleges, disciplines, as well as with K-12 partnerships and other STEM entities.
Center Goals:
·      Design, develop, and research innovative STEMM P-20 education programs that 
       leverage partnerships to improve achievement and enrollment in STEMM
·      Facilitate the development of teams to submit interdisciplinary proposals for
       external funding for projects that fit the STEMM education center and CSU
       strategic priorities
·      Sustain and enhance academic excellence in STEMM at CSU
·      Deliver professional development around P-20 STEMM teaching
·      Promote STEMM activities within and outside the university in an effort to increase
       visibility of STEMM activities at CSU and to the greater NE Ohio community