How To Enroll

Tutoring Enrollment

ATTENTION!!! Before enrollment into tutoring, a parent/guardian must register each K-12 learner by completing the Family/Teacher Intake Form. This form should only be completed once per child. After the intake form is complete, you may enroll at the bottom of this page for the tutoring section(s) listed below.

Family/Teacher Intake Form

CSU Faculty Intake Form

CSU Student Intake Form


Course Descriptions

​​​​​​​Session offerings are IN-PERSON ONLY, REMOTE ONLY, and HYBRID for Summer 2021! Please check the course description.​​​​​​​


EDL 503/504: Grade K-8 - NOW ENROLLING 

Mondays/Wednesdays 5:00-5:45 (5/24/21-8/2/21)

In-Person ONLY

Instructor: Heidi Rock

In the first part of the summer, graduate students will administer a series of literacy based assessment to K-8 learners. A summary of the findings will be available to parents/caretakers. In the second part of the summer, graduate students use the results of the assessments to provide individualized reading instruction to the learners.
It is highly encouraged that learners participate for the duration of the summer sessions. Accommodations may be may for vacation plans (with advance notice). All sessions will be face-to-face for 45 minutes. Students in kindergarten through 8th grade are welcome. 


ESE 531/532: Grade K-12 - NOW ENROLLING

Mondays/Wednesdays 4:00-4:45 (5/24/21-8/2/21)


Instructor: Amanda Yurick

Families work with CSU graduate students to identify academic and behavioral areas for support and enrichment. Families should identify to the CSU graduate student academic, behavioral, and/or social needs to receive assessment and intervention in those areas (for example, math facts, writing, reading comprehension, study skills, on-task behavior, work completion, etc.). Sessions are 45 minutes in length, twice weekly. A combination of in-person and remote sessions may be scheduled. Scheduling may be flexible to accommodate summer vacation/travel plans as needed (with advance notice).


STOP!!! Have you filled out a Family Intake Form? You MUST complete the Family Intake Form in order to proceed with registration for the tutoring sections. If you do not complete the Family Intake Form registration will not be complete. 


Statement of Attendance Policy
​​​​​​​Our center is constructed to promote a mutually beneficial and cooperative learning experience for K-12 learners and preservice educators within the College of Education and Human Services at CSU. In order for everyone to maximally benefit from this arrangement, consistent attendance is necessary. In order for our tutors to fulfill their course requirements, they must engage in a certain number of instructional hours and activities. In the event that your child's tutor is absent, he or she will be able to work with the tutor's class partner, who will serve as a substitute. The partner arrangement helps to ensure that the learners engage with the same two tutors throughout the semester. Tutors should have no more than two absences. Similarly, we ask that families commit to no more than two absence per semester and minimize lateness when possible. Please contact the CLC as soon as possible in the event of an absence or lateness. We appreciate your attention to this important policy. 

Please complete family intake form only one time per child.