Helpful Information for CSU Instructors


The CLC offers a unique opportunity for faculty and students to work directly with children and families from the community. The program provides CSU students with a in-class, laboratory experience where they are able to practice delivering newly-learned instructional strategies or assessment techniques to children. This “guided” learning experience allows faculty to observe their students apply various instructional and/or assessment procedures.

The In-Class Field Experience

We want to honor the time and effort it takes for families to participate in the field experience. Therefore, each tutoring session should be well planned (with an individualized focus) and should provide high-quality support to students. To ensure high quality support, faculty and instructors are asked to develop a plan of action for the field experience. This Field Experience Plan serves two purposes. First, it serves as a “checklist” for instructors as they prepare their students for the field experience; and secondly, the field-experience plan provides a source of information that can be communicated to participating families. The Field Experience Plan includes four important components.

General Description of the Content of the Field Experience- This is a brief description of what the CSU students will be teaching and/or assessing. Identify the learning skills addressed and the assessment tools and/or instructional strategies that will be used. Clearly identify the number and age of students needed for your course (if available). Also, indicate whether you prefer students with specific learning needs.

Prepare Students for Field Experience —We would like for all CSU students to benefit from this experience. To do so, it is critically important that they are fully prepared to work with children. Indicate how you will ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully work with children and their families
Communicate with Parents—An important part of teaching is the ability to communicate and engage with parents. Therefore, the field experience also gives CSU students an opportunity to interact with parents. Please explain how you and your students will communicate and engage with parents.

Monitoring Procedure—There are two important reasons that faculty and instructors must monitor the tutoring sessions. First, many CSU students have had minimal experience teaching young children. Therefore, it is imperative that faculty and instructors continuously monitor the field experience and to provide supportive feedback and guidance as necessary. Secondly, monitoring the tutoring sessions will ensure the safety of all children and will allow the instructors to observe how CSU students are interacting with the children. Explain how you will monitor multiple pairs of students

Materials and Resources Needed-The CLC is well stocked with a variety of assessment and instructional materials. Please indicate the kinds of resources and materials your students will need (generally).

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