CSUTeach Overview



Calling all undergraduate and post-baccalaureate mathematics and science majors! 

The CSUteach program allows undergraduates to earn a mathematics and/or science degree and teacher licensure in four years! Post-baccalaureate students can receive CSUteach certificates and licensure in two years! All students completing the CSUteach program requirements are qualified to teach grades 7-12 in their chosen content areas.

CSUteach streamlines curriculum requirements for degree and licensure. It provides students the opportunity to explore teaching as a profession while taking mathematics and science courses. Class scheduling is flexible. Students can enter the program at any point in their college education.

Students can try the program and see if it is right for them by enrolling in the first two 1-credit courses (Steps 1 & 2).!


Top 10 CSUteach Benefits!

  1. Secondary Mathematics and Science teachers are in high demand nationwide!
  2. Graduate with a valuable degree in your content area and a teaching license faster.
  3. The first two courses are free to a limited number of students and provide real teaching experiences so you can decide if teaching is right for you!
  4. Have the option of teaching upon program completion - there is no obligation! Learn valuable and transferable skills for any career!
  5. Scholarships are available!
  6. Paid Internships are available!
  7. Personal attention and guidance from faculty, master teachers and mentors!
  8. Learn about and use the most current and effective teaching methods.
  9. A cohort-type community, CSUteach brings together fellow students, with the option of joining WeTeach, the official student organization!
  10. Receive continued alumni professional development support during your first five years teaching!


On behalf of Cleveland State University I would like to introduce and welcome you to the CSUteach teacher preparation program. The Uteach model began back in 1997 as an innovative way to prepare high school science and mathematics teachers at The University of Texas at Austin. Since then, 21 other universities have implemented the program. We are excited to offer this effective and engaging model for math and science students at CSU, even President Obama shares in the excitement for the program, mentioning Uteach in a national address last year.

As faculty and professors offer their extensive knowledge, feedback, and guidance, we encourage you to offer your suggestions as well. It is truly an exciting time to be involved in STEM teacher education, from the large gains made daily in educational technologies, to the improvements and innovative strategies for teaching inquiry-driven lessons. Stay tuned for more CSUteach information and announcements!

Dr. Joanne Goodell
CSUteach Co-Director