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CASAL Event Photos

CASAL Appreciation Banquet 4/19/18

During our evening at Cibreo, we presented our Outstanding Instructor award, our Outstanding CE Presenter award, and were extremely proud and excited to present our summer scholarship recipients with their certificates.
The speeches were short, the socializing lively, and the networking fulfilling.

  Congratulations to our 2018 BOGO Summer Scholarship Recipients!

left to right: Kayla Thompson, Allison Griesmer, Tiffany Roenigk, Olivia Campbell,
Erik Ribera, Dr. I, April Ballard, Matthew Selker, Jalen Brown

scholarship recipients

Congratulations to our 2018 Outstanding Instructors and Presenters!

CE Presenter
Noelle Muscatello and Rita Abdallah
- Outstanding CE Presenter 2018

CNS - Robin Leichtman
Dr. Hansman and Dr. Leichtman


CEL Pamela Smith
Dr. Morin and Pamela Smith
- Outstanding ADM/CEL Instructor 2018
ALD Karie Coffman
Dr. Coffman and Dr. Ingersoll
- Outstanding ALD Instructor 2018
Debra Tkac, Robin Leichtman, Renee Kolecki
Debra Tkac, Robin Leichtman, Renee Kolecki
Dr. I and Robin Leichtman
Dr. Ingersoll and Dr. Leichtman
Daphyne & Sade
Daphyne and Sade
Dr. Coffman & Zac
Dr. Coffman and Zac
Dr. Ingersoll
Dr. I addresses the revellers
Cibrèo Privato
Dr. Morin and Pamela
Dr. Morin and Pamela Smith
Jalen Brown
Jalen Brown and his lovely guest

CASAL Appreciation Banquet 4/12/17

BOGO 2017 Recipients

     Congratulations to our 2017 BOGO Summer Scholarship Recipients!

Steven Sanders and guest

Yiannoula Sarris
Yiannoula Sarris, Carmen Tyler, Hannah Princic Mina Nasrallah and his guest
Nick Chmura Kwanae McGhee
Sydney McKay Michelle Mate and Professor Holly Kirk
Krissa Duhon and her father Eileen Kelbach and her guest
Shannon Phillips and his guest Joseph White and Wende Meeks
Colleen Thoburn and her mother  

  Congratulations to our 2017 Outstanding Instructors and Presenters!

Ed Bernetich M.ED Craig Phillips Ed.D
Dr. Ingersoll and Stacey Litam Dr. Ingersoll and Debra Tkac
Paula Atwood and Noelle Muscatello Dr. Monaghan


CASAL Retreat 2015

CSU Sign

Holden Arboretum


Holden Arboretum Canopy Walk