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National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE) Review

ncmhce course

The Cleveland State University National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE) Review course is designed to assist those who are preparing to take the NCMHCE. Earning a passing score on the NCMHCE is a prerequisite to obtaining the Professional Clinical Counselor License (PCC) in Ohio. campusnet

The NCMHCE examination consists of 10 simulated clinical mental health counseling cases designed to sample a broad area of competencies, not merely the recall of isolated facts. The cases assess clinical problem-solving ability, including identifying, analyzing, diagnosing and treating clinical issues. Each case is divided into approximately five to eight sections that are classified as either information gathering or decision-making.

Our NCMHCE Review course includes the following in-class topics:  

  •         Overview of test and Scoring (1 hour)
  •         Overview of 10 Simulated Clinical Counseling Cases (1 hour)
  •         Assessment and Diagnosis Content (1 hour)
  •         Counseling & Psychotherapy Content (1 hour)
  •         Administration/Consultation Content (1 hour)
  •         Supervision Content (1 hour)

Numerous examples of the NCMHCE test questions are analyzed and discussed in the class.

The class is specifically designed for those who currently have a professional Counselor license as well as those who are preparing for the NMHCE to receive the Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) license. 



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